Our core value is our customer orientation, and this value permeates across our entire organization. We strongly believe that strong focus towards customers and their needs is critical to our long-term growth and success. We measure our success by our ability to satisfy our customers and exceed their expectations on an on-going basis.

We can only achieve such a goal through our strong emphasis on People, Process, Technology, and Innovation. We believe that passionate people, empowered by innovative processes and cutting-edge technology can deliver incredible results.

These core elements – People, Process, Innovation – are foundational to everything that we do, and they all align with one outcome – Results for our clients.

Passion For People

We are a people-centric organisation and therein lies our biggest strength. We maintain a culture where our people get the ability to innovate and be drivers of their growth. We maintain a flat structure where our people get the ability to innovate and be drivers of their growth. We create a learning environment where people continue to grow their hard-skills and capabilities and improve their soft-skills as well.

An Inclusive Workplace

Optimum thrives on diversity and inclusion. We speak many languages, embrace several cultures and employ talent from more than 30 nationalities. At Optimum where you come from doesn’t matter, what you deliver does.

Our Hiring Practices are based on fairness and equal opportunity. We believe that talent does not reside in any one social or age group. We hire talent wherever we see it. We are a member of TAFEP - Singapore's leading body for promoting fair employment practices

Excellence Through Process

We believe in laying out appropriate and robust processes to help with our work and the work that we do at our customers’ place. We look at processes as something that can help us deliver consistently high-quality services to our customers. We use distinct processes not only for our project/ delivery but also for internal administrative operations. Processes help us do things right the first time and improve the reliability and quality of our services. They differentiate us from our peers in the industry.

Always On. Always Innovating

While we implement technology solutions for our customers, we are ourselves avid users of technology. We use technology to support our processes and strengthen our project management and internal administrative and control functions. We use technology for knowledge management, internal collaboration, talent management and of course project management. Appropriate use of technology helps us improve our efficiency and effectiveness and is one of our core strengths.

Results: Our Gold Standard

Client satisfaction and outcomes are the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves in delivering on every project, on cost and on time, every time.

It is our dedication to customers, our commitments and results that has driven us from a small startup to a $170 Million Pan Asian IT Services powerhouse in a short span of time.

It is the reason, top Fortune 500 banks and companies choose us over and over again.