Multi-Lingual Support

We support clients across various geographies and cultures and offer local language support in multiple languages including Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Thai, and Tagalog.


We have more than 20 years of deep experience in serving the banking world with top talent for all applications in financial management. Whether the need is for “sell-side” expertise concerned with derivatives pricing and risk management, or buy-side” expertise, we work with you to get you the right services.

Banking Operations

Optimum’s expertise spans the full spectrum of banking operations from Core Banking operation to Front Office Support, Client on-boarding, KYC Initiatives, Clearing Systems, Reconciliations, and Settlements. Over the past 20 years, we have worked with leading banks to streamline, transform and manage their banking operations.

Risk, Compliance and Information Security

Our team of Banking sector experts can assist in building frameworks to ensure adherence to latest regulatory and security norms. Our experience of having assisted scores of clients in Banking industry gives us a unique perspective on Risk Management and Information Security Solutions across different parts of the banking enterprise.

We cover all facets of enterprise Information security, including:

  • Risk Framework, Identification, Assessment, and Mitigation
  • Security Incidents Management and Reporting
  • Regulatory and Audit Compliance Management
  • Risk Training and Awareness