Near shore Identity & Access Management Services Engagement for a British Bank

Customer Success Story Highlights


  • British multinational bank with operations in over 50 countries and more than 45 million customers worldwide.


  • Global IAM (Identity & Access Management) function was challenged with manual application certification process, on boarding & off boarding
  • Risk of internal & external audit failures and regulatory non compliance.


  • Development of self service portal, standardized tools, Access Management solutions.
  • Established near shore proximity development and support centre in Changi Business Park, Singapore.


  • Enhance process automation
  • 15x Reduction in wait times
  • Improved Regulatory compliance.
  • Deployment of IAMaaS (Identity & Access Management as a Service).
  • Enhanced financial transparency and chargebacks

Client Overview

Client is a British multinational bank and financial services company headquartered in London. It is a universal bank with operations in retail, wholesale and investment banking, as well as wealth management, mortgage lending and credit cards. Client operations in over 50 countries and territories and has around 48 million customers.

Client is organised into four core businesses: Personal & Corporate (Personal Banking, Corporate Banking, Wealth & Investment Management), Barclaycard, Investment Banking and Africa

Key Engagement Highlights

Team Size

Peak Team of 100


$20 million

Delivery location

On-site (Singapore) & Near Shore

Opportunity Context

  • Client has a global IAM (Identity & Access Management) function.
  • Process Re-engineering and Automation required for JML (Joiner-Leaver- Mover).
  • On-boarding and Classification of Applications was manual.
  • 20,000 plus man-hours were being spent every quarter in eye-balling and manually review the IAM on boarding, SOD validation and recertification.

Business Challenge

  • On-boarding and Off-boarding was time consuming.
  • Bank was running the risk of internal and external audit failures due to in-appropriate access and lack of recertification.
  • Bank was exposed to regulatory non-compliance due to process inefficiencies and lack of ONECERT and automation protocols

Key Solution Highlights

  • Optimum has setup a near shore proximity development and support center in Changi Business Park, Singapore for the client and is classified as a Key Strategic partner for IAM programs.
  • Automation of On-boarding, classification and management of 800+ applications with SSCD classification
  • Self Service portal design and development to configure and automate manual feeds
  • Design and Deploy consistent Automate Access Management Solution to manage flow of Access Requests
  • Create standardized tool that captures all in country restrictions.
  • On boarding configuration and integration estimation for 13 APAC, 40 Americas and EMEA countries
  • Re-engineer GIS IDAM platform to handle increased demand of IDAM Systems (Request and OneCert) with a view of 5-10 years future state scalability

Benefits to Client

  • Enhanced automation of on-boarding, classification and management.
  • On-boarding wait times reduced from 15 days to 1 day.
  • Compliance with Regulatory requirements
  • Self Service portal for configuration and automation of manual feeds
  • Internal chargeback framework in place for GIS IAM team.
  • IAMaaS (Identity & Access Management as a Service) deployment for enhanced financial transparency and chargebacks